Environmental Services for Hospitals & Clinics

As a clinic or hospital administrator or owner, you are no stranger to government oversight and regulations, and complying with environmental regulations is a key part of remaining in operations. WCM environmental experts can help you remain in compliance through applicability reviews and help obtaining the appropriate permits. For example, hospital, medical and infectious waste incinerators, autoclaves, steam boilers, chilling systems will require authorizations for their air emissions and may potentially require a Title V Operating Permit, and any operation that may result in air contaminants needs to be reviewed for compliance. Additionally, you may be subject to federal or state regulations when handling new and used reagents or chemicals for your research laboratories. Our team of environmental professionals can assist you with identifying the applicable requirements and establishing protocols for achieving and maintaining compliance.

Looking at a new facility? If you plan to open a new facility or obtain a new hospital or clinic, due diligence is of the utmost importance to ensure you get the optimal return on your investment and abide by the relevant environmental regulations at the local, state, and federal levels. The WCM team can conduct due diligence activities, including Phase I and Phase II ESAs (Environmental Site Assessments), in addition to corporate compliance audits for those in operations.

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